Food treasures in New York City

Chobani Yogurt Bar


You can find many different kinds of frozen yogurt stores around the city. One of my favorites is 16 Handles where you can choose the flavors you want and the amount of each one. The Chobani Store in Soho, is one of the first to serve fresh yogurt with a selection of fresh ingredients. The small store, which opened last summer, is Chobani’s first retail store. And while you can get many of the products sold in the supermarket, what makes this place special are the interesting sweet and savory combinations made on the spot.


I gravitate towards the sweet ones. On my first visit, I had pistachio and chocolate that was also flavored with honey. orange and fresh mint. On my second visit, I went with one of the “combos of the day,” which was walnut, pumpkin jam and pumpkin seeds. Next time, though, I want to try the peanut butter, jelly and grapes combination.

yogurt of the day

Walnut and pumpkin combo of the day

Each yogurt is served in a glass dish with a cloth covering for take-out. If you don’t mind sitting on a large window sill, then you can stay and eat your yogurt in the store. You receive 25 cents off your next “yogurt creation” if you return the glass jar.


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  1. The Chobani Yogurt Store in Soho sounds like a good destination to start from for a SoHo hang-out day and see the trends day..
    Will defintely look for it when I go.

    Comment by Shirley Friedman | January 10, 2013 | Reply

  2. Always love your comments. Thanks

    Comment by nyculinaryfinds | January 10, 2013 | Reply

  3. I’ll have to tell my daughter to check it out the next time she shops in Soho. She;s a big fan of frozen yogurt and 16 Handles.

    Comment by Gena Buchwald | January 11, 2013 | Reply

    • I’m sure she’ll like it but it’s fresh yogurt not frozen

      Comment by nyculinaryfinds | January 11, 2013 | Reply

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