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Stimulating Your Senses in Chinatown

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There are many wonderful things about visiting Chinatown. You truly feel transported to a different place. The sights, smells and sounds of the streets are so stimulating. Many people go to Chinatown for a meal at one of the many authentic Chinese restaurants. I like to go and walk the streets; looking into windows or admiring a display of fresh produce or seafood; as if the whole neighborhood was one big museum. But there are two stores I enjoy re-visiting each time I’m in the area.

New KM store

The New Kam Man Store, at 200 Canal Street, was founded in the early 1970s, and according to their website, was the  first and largest Asian supermarket in Chinatown.  On the first floor the store offers an array of Asian food products.

Soy sauce and hot sauce varieties

Soy sauce and hot sauce varieties

I love the second floor even better where there are rows and rows of bowls for rice, teapots and teacups, chopsticks and dipping bowls.

KM 2nd floor

There are also loose teas and teabags for every tastebud, containers for carrying dumplings, and bamboo mats for rolling sushi.

tea spoons at KM

Ceramic spoons for holding tea bags

Another store I love returning to is Aji Ichiban (at 37 Mott Street), a confectionery store which is part of a Hong Kong based company .

aji ichiban

It’s a relatively small store with everything from packaged candies to loose dried fruits, nuts, and other exotic items

inside AI

On top of each case, there are samples to try and clear cellophane bags to fill up with the things you like.nuts and dried fruit at AI

This time, I chose dried honey ginger to sample.honey ginger at AI

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Kalustyan’s: Global Selection of Spices and Sweets

If you’re looking for fenugeek seeds, vindaloo paste, dried porcini mushroom, green rice, or you just want your senses stimulated, then you must visit Kalustyan’s Spices and Sweets located at 123 Lexington Avenue (at 28th Street).

Kalustyan’s in Little India

K. Kalustyan opened this specialty food store in 1944, with a focus on Indian spices and groceries. When he passed away, the ownership and management was turned over to Marhaba International Inc. and the company added products from more than 30 countries — from Japan and China to Greece and Israel, and from Australia and England to Thailand and Vietnam.

Some of the products you’ll find at the store include: 180 varieties of tea, 30 varieties of dried whole chiles, 18 different kinds of ghee, and over 400 kinds of spices.

Spice room

Here are some other enticing products you can choose from at Kalustyan’s:

Salts of all colors and coarseness

Hot sauces from around the world

Dried beans for stews or soups

The store is opened Monday-Saturday 10am-8pm and Sundays and holidays from 11am-7pm

Luscious cinnamon sticks available as you check out

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